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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Thailand (part 1) recap


I got back from my Thai Thanksgiving Thrip more or less on time. There’s a lot to say but I’ll try to keep it interesting (brief). I didn’t keep paper notes so this is just from the top of my sun-addled head. Gulf Air was a shade better than mediocre, if only because of the […]

Red bean softserve


Reaching into my pockets to empty them, I’m reminded (by the crumpled, fortunately clean wrapper) of the decent-tasting red bean flavor soft-serve from a 7-11 a bit after lunch time (gulped down at the last second to board the minibus back). Normally I don’t like red bean much, but the 7-11 soft-serve version isn’t gritty […]

Winter Trips


Alarmed by the increase in HKG–BKK fares for the holidays, I decided to get my December trip into gear. Thanks to a sympathetic final exam schedule and still-cheap flights from Macau, I booked a round-trip to Bangkok from 12–28 Dec. After the ferry tickets it still comes out around 300 HK cheaper than the going […]



No Guangzhou this weekend. Couldn’t get hold of any single accommodations—hotels are targeting business, not lonesome backpackers (who tend to stay in more scenic places). Too bad. The visa is a sunk cost anyway. I had red curry this evening to make it all better. Also watched Munich. Not sure what I think about it. […]

using visa entries


My mentioning of Yangshuo and Guilin has only served to get together a group of other exchange students to go there at times when I can’t miss class. Oops. I’ve read that it can brown out a bit in the winter, so that scenery may need to wait for spring. This leaves me with two […]

Spring Deer = Duck


Today our Mandarin teacher took us out for an extremely generous lunch at the Spring Deer restaurant in TST, where we feasted on Peking Duck and everything else you could possibly imagine. It was a long lunch and I think we’re all grateful and a little sore. Afterward, we walked around Central. A lot. Taking […]

Museums: cheap feels better than free


I was about to write about how excited I am about the low prices and high quality of Hong Kong’s museum system when I realized that the Smithsonian’s network of fantastic museums is free. Oops. Still, the Hong Kong Museum of History in TST was very impressive. The first half of it was, that is: […]

Moment of Weekness


This week hasn’t been too awfully bad. Monday I wrote a term paper. The results of the Tuesday election have been a pleasant surprise. I went for curry at Jordan Curry House on Wednesday, which was… ok. Fabulous mango lassi, of course, some middling other stuff, and a very tasty mushroom and peas curry. Today […]

SAD no more


One thing I have here (and have never had during the school year in Morgantown) is a room that gets sunlight. Combine that with Hong Kong’s absence (not quite) of seasons, and I’m pretty happy. It’s sunny, 77 Fahr, and dry outside. It’s November 7th. This is pretty much perfect weather. I can’t imagine how […]

About Lingnan’s architecture


While the architecture of the campus at Fu Tei is modelled on the original in Guangzhou, it has also incorporated novelties with black, white and grey schemes forming its unique colour spectrum. The grandeur and solemnity of the campus building never fail to impress people with the qualities of perseverance and determination. [] I also […]