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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Korea, pt. 1


Sorry, I’ve been quite slack in my blogging for this trip. I’ll try to remember a bit here. The flight Friday was a little late but nothing to complain about too much. THAI’s food was a pleasant surprise: the dinner wasn’t amazing, but the warm roll and metal cutlery were. The scalding hot towel was […]

A weekend spent entirely inside the SAR


This weekend was unusual, as this entry’s title says. Don’t worry; next weekend, I should be in Seoul. Last Wednesday was an honorary member of le week-end (the word that us cultured multilingual types like to use) due to its impossibly clear weather. I decided to go to Cheung Chau—not the first time I’d made […]



I shouldn’t have checked the news before going to bed last night. I also shouldn’t have checked it this morning. How miserable.

Another weekend, another border crossing


This past week: WVU had an interesting presidential selection process, with some overly credulous reporting from Charleston newspapers and some academic drama. One embarrassing article quoted three students in a row favoring the BOG-favored lobbyist candidate (and new President), Garrison. It didn’t mention the connections these three have to each other or to Garrison, but […]

Sunday and Monday in Beijing


On Sunday, I walked.  A lot.  I still have a relatively minor but annoyingly placed blister to prove it. First I took the 20 minute walk and the subway to Tian’anmen Square where I forked over the RMB to go into the Forbidden City.  It was big and impressive and all—and I liked the garden—but […]

The Other Wall


A quick note on the Great Firewall’s practical implications for travelers: blogspot is out. Wikipedia (but not Wikitravel) is out. Gmail and my unheard-of blog are fine, at least until this post. Bloglines is working, which lets me read my friends’ blogspot blogs. Google News works, but most links from it don’t. Youtube works: take […]

Summer Palace and Badaling


I haven’t been keeping very good track of happenings here, so I’ll dump some to this page before I lose more. Yesterday I took a ridiculously cheap Y1.5 bus to the Summer Palace (the new one, not the burned one) which is more of an outdoor attraction. Fortunately, I’ve found myself in a spell of […]

Arrived in Beijing


A short departure from NYU (my last post) is Beijing. My flights back over were moderately delayed but otherwise passable, a sure sign that I’ve crossed the Pacific too much (three times, but once might have been enough). I got back late on Monday night, barely made it to campus before the public transport switched […]



NYU’s visit was crammed in many ways. It all took place within one day, the 1L class is pretty big there, and 280 people were at that visit day alone. Breakfast was nice: Columbia should consider copying the “chair” innovation we enjoyed in Vanderbilt Hall. Everything was sliced into 50 minute blocks, which was a […]

making up for lost time (no Fools, too tired): Columbia


While I’m delayed here in nEWaRk I’ll try to make up for some of my non-blogging adventures. I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write, and as a consequence have forgotten most everything not written down somewhere. And I’m not even sure where I wrote anything. It’s been a crazy week of […]