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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Sucre and Santa Cruz de la Sierra


La Paz leftover: the bowler hats on Andean women were fascinating. We’ve read how they were introduced, but are curious as to whether they’re invariably undersized by necessity or by fashion. Anyone know? Not much to report since, because there’s been too much to report. Our Aerosur flight to Sucre was fine and came with […]

She says- La Paz


It’s our last night in La Paz, and I can’t believe Daniel Harris described what we have done as “intense lazing around.” Pfff. DH’s idea of “taking it easy” somehow involved more than four hours (!) a day of some of the most intense walking I have ever done. Friends, this is some extremely high […]

La Paz, Bolivia


We’ve almost caught our breaths in La Paz after two days of walking uphill everywhere and intense lazing about. Time to leave: we’ll fly to Sucre (scheduled at 45 min. vs. the 14 hour bus ride) tomorrow midday. Our flight from Miami to La Paz was delayed several hours on the tarmac: ICE had a […]