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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Classes in review


Here’s an early look at my (so far) better classes this semester. Remember that I’ve had at most three, and sometimes just two, hours of each class. Things have a good chance of changing. HST 193, China through the eyes of the west: this is a topic that really interests me, as it gets at […]

What’s not wrong with Lingnan


Don’t worry, plenty is still wrong with Lingnan: however, so far, it seems I’ve done a better job picking classes this semester (made possible by the correction of the one of Lingnan’s less endearing faults last semester, the inability to schedule tutorial-mode classes online). I’ve been pleasantly surprised at least once already, and I’m taking […]

Getting to class


After all that nonsense about using my mobile and SMS to make sure I get to class, I found myself thwarted today by having somehow read “MB” where there was clearly an “AR” on my schedule. Maybe I should have invested the 30 HKcents for a printout.

How I know where my classes are


I’ve previously hinted at the absurdity of Lingnan’s scheduling, but I haven’t revealed my secret for coping. This shall not stand. Because I have each class once weekly (counting the tutorials separately), and because at times tutorials don’t meet, the location of my classes doesn’t imprint on me as easily as it would normally. Even […]

Classes starting, and what’s wrong with Lingnan?


The past week has been fairly uneventful. I’ve met some of the new exchangers, who seem nice enough but also seem a few collective decades younger than last semester’s. Most of this term break’s exchange travelers are back and in one piece. After much schedule-juggling, I’ll be going in to this week with the following […]

Malaysiapore Pictures


Pictures from our January trip to Malaysiapore, available in part on Becky’s blog (linked on the sidebar), are being uploaded in full to my gallery as I type. Also, I’m uploading pictures from Becky’s whirlwind tour of Hong Kong. Interestingly, in Melaka we managed to completely avoid photographing the historic square (Christ Church and the […]

Made it back, again


Our room in KL (not a budget dive) was scary dark and quiet. I had no idea what the time was, with the lights off. Made it back without too much excitement, and I’m faced by the twin demons of piles of laundry and an Octopus gone negative. Ah, down and out in Hong Kong. […]

Pulau Pangkor


I’m on Pangkor Island, the weather is nice, the beaches are lovely, and the jungle is probably a little damp for my taste so I’m not messing with it. Precious little weekday traffic, so we’re just burning days. We’ll head back and try to find some budget dive in KL for the night of the […]

More Melaka


We had a bit of a break (though it didn’t last all day) from the rain today. Laundry (yes, all two of my shirts after leaving the one in KL) got done in the morning while we explored the historical/colonial center and Chinatown in more detail. We got to see the Portuguese ruins (don’t skip […]

still alive, if barely


I’m in Melaka, Malaysia, right now, as are torrential rains. I’ve had some trouble getting to the blog… it seems I picked a bad time of year to transfer my domain and run out of disk space… and only fixed it at the end of this session, but I hope I’ll be able to post […]