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Category Archives: 2L trip

Galle and Ella


Saw my first international sporting event in Galle — part of the test cricket match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka. I understood some of it. The stadium is brilliantly located, with views of the ocean and fort. The fort ramparts have their own views of the stadium, which many were taking advantage of. Torrential […]

Pushkar, Mahipalpur, Colombo, Galle


Pushkar was in sad shape, as the lake all its temples surround has been replaced by a mostly-dry trash pit. There was delicious health food to be had, though. I stayed in the “Eurostar International” hotel near the Delhi airport — completely clean with a fair price for airport transfers and generally a phenomenal value […]

Most of the rest of Rajasthan


Bundi was lovely — small, relaxing, etc. I got good news while I was there, and savored it from a rooftop looking a well-lit palace enjoying my first (and likely only) beer of the trip. Kingfisher lager. Not terrible. A bit sweet. Cold. The next morning, I was the first person to brave the local […]

Photos going up


Photos, mostly unsorted and unrotated, are slowly appearing in the usual place. Made the standard Jaipur circuit today–Amber and Jaigarh forts, City Palace, the sublime Jantar Mantar psychedelic astronomical garden, and Hawa Mahal. Bundi in the morning.

Delhi; Agra; Jaipur


I meant “a” museum in my last post. After an exciting adventure finding the International Tourist Bureau at New Delhi train station, I got very lucky and snagged a 3AC ticket to Agra on the 5:30 a.m. Punjab Mail train. After the requisite rip-off taxi at 4:30 a.m., I hope to be rid of travel-planning-scammers […]

London; Delhi


Internet access has been less prolific and less air conditioned than I’d hoped, so far, so this will be in blurb form. I’ll do my best to update my location in as frequently as possible, though. My hotel in London was ideally located for the O2 arena and not much else–about 10 minutes’ walk […]

Auspicious Beginnings


At around 11:30, I got a text message announcing the cancellation of my flight from LaGuardia. I called United and was reassured that the flight was on time before hearing that it was indeed scrubbed. United re-booked me on the next flight out of LGA, which would have delayed my arrival to London by about […]

Go East


London tomorrow. Delhi by Friday. Watch this space, where I may or may not get around to blogging. I’ll try to keep updated with my whereabouts / transportation info even if I’m too lazy to blog.