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Pushkar, Mahipalpur, Colombo, Galle

Pushkar was in sad shape, as the lake all its temples surround has been replaced by a mostly-dry trash pit. There was delicious health food to be had, though.

I stayed in the “Eurostar International” hotel near the Delhi airport — completely clean with a fair price for airport transfers and generally a phenomenal value at Rs. 1430 nett. Nearby was Coco’s, the food counter section of a spotless and well-air-conditioned Korean grocery, where I had a “combo” of mostly-onion veggie pizza and a piece of (American-style) fried chicken.

New Terminal 1D at DEL is a standard new airport terminal, with check-in islands and lines which weren’t so terrible at 5 a.m. I think it’s supposed to be given over exclusively to low-cost carriers after the “real” new domestic terminal is finished, which almost makes the use of bus to plane transfers forgivable.

Flights were fine. In Bangalore’s airport, which was sadly lacking in concessions but otherwise a standard new-ish place, I walked by a Kingfisher sports bar before being offered a can of Kingfisher lager on my Kingfisher flight to Colombo.

I have been enjoying Sri Lanka so far — navigating the roadblocks and literal police state in Colombo can be trying, but the city is much less squalid than I’ve become used to recently. I had a lovely long walk between Galle Face Green and the ocean when I arrived, with cool breezes and cooler rain making me very happy.

I’m now in Galle fort, which is nice enough. One thing I’ve particularly enjoyed about Sri Lanka is that the touts have turned it down several notches from Delhi. I’m planning to make it to the nearby beaches, if it stays nice, and then figure out how to get up through the Hill Country before I leave in the early morning hours of the 25th for Hong Kong via KL.

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