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Monthly Archives: June 2006

my birthday


a few minutes ago, walking down the streets of Granada, I got splashed–all over, wearing khakis–with ketchup from above. I think that should tell you all you need to know.

no Córdoba after all


The Sevilla night bus was stinky and miserable as could be expected, and then we got kicked out of the bus station for 15 minutes because it wasn’t open yet… insult added to injury. After the city woke up I introduced Alana to chocolate con churros and we found our hostal, miraculously equipped with a […]



Alana is posting the pictures on Webshots. I try to stay out of the frame as much as possible, but there are some nice views of the sights there.

got to admit it’s getting better


OK, so after a decent meal and the crazy Holland x Portugal match last night, and some late night walking, I think we are patched up for a few more days of 24/7 friction-building travel. We we neither the first in bed nor the first up at the hostel, which was gratifying. Ran into the […]

quick Madrid update


We are in Madrid. It is still here. Saw most of the paseos/Gran Vía/Plaza Mayor type stuff yesterday and today went to the Prado and walked far too far in the Retiro park. Things have hit a new low as far as the not getting deathly sick of being around each other 24/7 but there […]

Live from Bruges at bad prices


After q hqrrozing series of trqins I q, in Bruges qnd boy is this keyboqrd tired: (love this belgian keyboard) So to avoid typing much… AMS Centraal is lousy. Schipol airport is a great alternative. Rotterdam is cold at 4 am. Ah, English mode… now to avoid looking at keys. Luxembourg was very… Luxembourgy. Lots […]

Costly Amsterdam (and Berlin, Prague reports late)


Here I am in Amsterdam, an uncognizant (word?) poet. The public library has a free 30 minute Internet access period so I’m typing away furiously here. Amsterdam is expensive, expensive, expensive. If you want to go in anywhere, it’s at least 5€. Food is silly too. At least it’s relatively compact and walkable, so we […]

prague, berlin, amsterdam


You’re going to have to wait for those, maybe forever… I’m tired and in a very bad mood from the trip here (Amsterdam) from Berlin. Actually, you will have to wait for a lot, since the Internet doesn’t grow on trees here. The server was down for a bit. It happens. It will probably happen […]

prague, or not, or maybe


An ongoing bit of drama has been the issue of our daytrip to Prague. Things keep working and then not working, and the same for their alternatives. The current plan is to wake up in time for a 6h15 departure on a 26€ all-in semi-guided-bus-tour tomorrow. We will see. Pilnitz was nice but not a […]

dresden part 2


Yesterday was a day of fairly standard sightseeing… the Church of Our Lady, the cathedral, the Saxon jewelry vault and painting collections, and the various sights of the Altstadt. Also saw the hosts’ son’s school, in GDR concrete glory. The streetcar system is nice and fairly foolproof. Last night, after stuffing ourselves at a late […]