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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Live from Vietnam


This post comes to you courtesy of a reasonable 100d/min. Internet establishment on Thai Van Lung St. in Saigon, the name still in use for this central district of what’s now Ho Chi Minh City. We’re on the last full day of our trip, and it hasn’t been a bad one. Our couchsurfing host has […]

Macao o segundo


I’m back in Tuen Mun after a second crack at Macau this weekend. I traveled with a group of seven others, which is a bit large for my taste but ended up working out decently enough. This time I wasn’t miserable from unexplained sudden blistering on my feet, so I was able to enjoy everything […]

Breakfast with the President


I have forgotten to mention Breakfast with the President, a much-hyped tradition at Lingnan where students sign up to be invited to eat breakfast with the President of the university. He picked up the idea from a school where a president would slum it and sit down weekly for breakfast in the cafeteria, expecting students […]



Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon is going to be hit by a typhoon Friday a week. And I’m going anyway. I’ve come all the way to Hong Kong and the best airfare I find is on United Airlines. I’ll be going to SGN from late 27 to early 31 Oct for the princely sum […]

Communal eating


Chopsticks aren’t the only wooden slivers of Chinese culture slipping under my skin here, but they’re part of something I meant to mention in my previous post (I’m not as shallow and unappreciative as it might seem when I’m muttering about some tiny injustice). Sharing dishes at dinner is the only normal way now. Hepatitis […]

Sunburn update + food


There is no update. I didn’t burn. Excellent. One of my textbooks has changed from a three-hour reserve reading to a seven-day reserve reading. Checked out through Tuesday. This isn’t helping me prepare presentation materials for Monday. Dinner last night, at the infamous Mei King (where we eat when we say “Fu Tai”), was very […]

Lamma Lameness


Our excursion to Sai Kung ran into choppy water, so we went to Lamma Island instead. After attempting to put in at a beach where our small boat couldn’t safely dock, we settled for what is known as Power Station Beach. It was just as charming as it sounds. I had some fun, though, and […]

weekend preview


Well, not new, but new in part to me. I managed to snag one of the Lingnan copies of HK Magazine (free English-language nightlife weekly) and after getting a chance to read all the way through one I’m floored: for WVians, it’s what Graffiti would be with competent editing and a world class city full […]

Mid-Autumn Festival


The presentation was OK on Friday. That guy who likes to launch into mercilessly irrelevant blather about Chomsky in class was, on a day when I was discussing his idol, speechless. I was kind of looking forward to some debate from him… Friday was Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrating the Harvest Moon. Coincidentally, the moon was near […]



My absentee ballot arrived in the mail today, a day after I asked the Consulate to send me a write-in form. Oops. It’ll go to good use for someone else, though. The ballot is rather thin this election in my precinct: no school board shenanigans, just one senator, and the usual two-year offices. I undervoted […]