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Sunburn update + food

There is no update. I didn’t burn. Excellent.

One of my textbooks has changed from a three-hour reserve reading to a seven-day reserve reading. Checked out through Tuesday. This isn’t helping me prepare presentation materials for Monday.

Dinner last night, at the infamous Mei King (where we eat when we say “Fu Tai”), was very good—we ordered well. Dishes I hadn’t tried before included some type of Egg Foo Yung (Chinese omelet), Singapore vermicelli, and Indonesian boneless pork (with sizable bones and covered with some sort of salad dressing, disturbing, but somehow still good).

I can write my Chinese name. Everyone else can write most of the words we’ve studied so far. I’m not used to being this far behind in a language class. The method everyone recommends does work—I learned my name by mindlessly writing it over and over. Unfortunately I’m not at the level of detachment from my surroundings required to do this in class like everyone else does. I don’t know that I’m writing it correctly or recognizably, but I can tell what it is.

I can write 哈达能, though, so I’m going to be proud of myself for a while. I might add it to my name tag on my door, if it doesn’t mean something bizarre in Cantonese (Curtis?).

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