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Monthly Archives: March 2007

brief visit to Penn


I nearly got bumped from the DTW-LGA flight (and into first class at that, according to my itinerary), but the annoying guy who first angrily declared that he was on the volunteer list before me (nope) decided that he couldn’t go then at all—despite the fact that he was in the departure lounge and […]

A2/UMich ASW summary


My trip to Ann Arbor has been lovely. I didn’t take any pictures. Sorry (it was wet and rainy and somewhat cold and stuff when I had my camera). Very nice town… a bigger, better Morgantown. Flagship U.’s college town. This Admitted Students Weekend convinced me that I’d be very happy to spend the next […]

Arrived in Ann Arbor


My flights were fairly uneventful and fairly long yesterday—though they don’t compare to the 16-hour non-stop from New York (and that’s a good thing). Apparently, at 5 a.m., the gate from Lingnan facing Fu Tai is closed. Finding this out at about 5:25, I got to run with my luggage along the driveway to the […]

trips to the States


My law school tour is coming up more quickly than I’d like. It’s going to be so… very… c-c-c-cold for me, even if I’m not stuck on the tarmac for hours while de-icing fails (as is the fashion lately, according to the chilly travel news from this weekend). My other trip back is still far […]

Hours Transferred


With WVU’s STAR student information system waking from the Sabbath, I find that my credits for last semester at Lingnan have made it on to my transcript. This means I should be graduating in May.

Infernal Affairs vs. The Departed


The Departed is the only movie I’ve seen on the big screen while I’ve been in Hong Kong. First-run theaters with v.o. are just too far away. It was pretty good. Last night, though, I finally saw the first installment of the trilogy on which it’s based (Infernal Affairs), a Hong Kong movie. I think […]

Urban Hiking


Today I went through passport control six times without leaving the country. Such is China. I took the 10:15 ferry from Tuen Mun (!!!) to Zhuhai. This company wants to go to Macau, but Stanley HO doesn’t like the idea of not controlling part of each ferry company landing in Macau (in addition to the […]

Taipei’s MRT’s little details


A couple nice things that struck me about Taipei’s MRT: Most MRT stations had clean public restrooms, clearly marked, with toilet paper and at least a few western toilets, in their unpaid areas. Excellent. In Hong Kong’s MTR, there are restrooms on the platforms in the paid areas… but they’re a secret! You have to […]

a truly frightening trip


After more than a little drama, I have planned a successful (though still fairly expensive) trip to a scary country full of guns, non-English speakers, two-parallel-thin-blade electrical outlets, and country music. I’m a citizen of it, and it’s not Brazil. I hope that narrows it down. I will be visiting four law schools between the […]

Taipei, 3 of 3


My blogging and pictures definitely went downhill from day 1. The last day, I decided to see both Danshui and the hot springs. Unfortunately, both places were cloudy and it actually started drizzling. Got to see some bubbly water, but that’s about all of notice—I didn’t even go in the old Spanish/Dutch/British fort at Danshui […]