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Monthly Archives: February 2007

I shall return, again


As March 1 is suddenly not a very attractive return date (had to book it that way because of when I booked), I had to set my return to the US today.  It’s now June 12, and CX is nice enough to not make me go in to an office to change the paper tickets.  […]

Taipei this weekend


HONG KONG         TAIPEI            BR0858  H  01MAR07   2105       OKTAIPEI            HONG KONG         BR1851  H  04MAR07   2010       OK

Taiwan calling


Fares to Taiwan Taipei, China this weekend are about as low as they have been, but much more available than they have been in the post- New Year work frenzy.  I might book for Thursday evening… it’s around 1400 HKD tax-in r/t to Taipei.  Hmmm. The next weekend, I might make it to Yangshuo; it […]

Making it out of Manila alive and richer (or, I shall return)


Dinner was at Café Adriatico last night (visit #5 for Trevor and Kerensa, #2 for us), followed by a calamansi juice or two at Hobbit House, before a few stern words with a meter-shirking driver. This morning Trevor and Kerensa went back, and Nic and I walked around a bit.  We saw the waterfront (such […]

Going back to Manila: including Baguio, Sagada…


Since last blogging we’ve been pretty consistently on the move. In one marathon afternoon to night we made it off the pretty unimpressive beach at Panglao Island, from Tagbilaran to Cebu to the airport to Manila to a bus terminal to Baguio at 6 in the morning. The bus was nice except for the Beegees […]

Since Manila: Taal, Cebu, Nut’s Huts, Tagbilaran


We’ve been busy since Manila. We first went to Tagaytay, near the Taal volcano, and ended up staying (somehow) at Taal city, on the southwest of the lake, in a hotel which was re-opened just for us. We had a good night’s sleep, except for the rosary recited in Tagalog from the cathedral between 5:00 […]



We were late to the airport in Hong Kong (not so late, we could have made it), but so was our plane. We were in the 95th row of 95 in an aging 747. The flight was surprisingly good, with an unexpected meal and complimentary beverages (of all sorts). Looking next to me, apparently “beer” […]



At 3:00 this afternoon I’ll be heading for the buses to the airport.  Gung hei fat choy in advance, as I might not get back online that quickly.  I won’t be alone so I won’t be feeling the need to check in as often. Text me if you really, really need to get hold of […]

Museum of Coastal Defence


Yesterday, I went to the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence as part of my efforts to make good use of my museum pass.  I was pleasantly surprised, though not as surprised as I was by the History museum in TST (which I’ve still yet to finish).  Part of the museum is actually outdoors… you […]

Dafen oil painting village


I will be a little repetitive in this entry to try to get some information into search engines, as I had a heck of a time finding any beforehand. This past Saturday I (and three tutors: Nicole, Nicholle, and Chloe) visited Dafen, a “village” in the greater Shenzhen area.  Shenzhen, for the uninitiated, is the […]