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Monthly Archives: August 2006

book ’em, danno


Last night was miserable. Last night I got my roommate. But correlation does not equal causation. The misery can be attributed almost entirely to going to bed early because I was coughing so much. I had been out and about, of course, and deserved every moment. But this was complicated by my roommate’s moving in. […]

Big Buddha


Since it was so nice, I prolonged my cough by way of a visit to the “Big Buddha,” the 23m Tian Tan Buddha above the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island. Since many of my currently-abroad colleagues went there when I went to Central, I figured I’d increase our overlap. Lantau is a large island […]

another beautiful day


someone doesn’t want me to get rid of this cold. I just don’t know if it’s a PRC plot with cloud seeding, the guys who smoke in a nearby room, or the whole lot of screaming loud freshman-types that keep me up to 1:30. I miss the lifeless, socially inept vibe at Stalnaker at times […]

When do classes start?


OK, I get the hint—since I’ve been asked this by literally every person I’ve talked to in the States since arriving: Monday 4 September (this coming).

long walk on the beach


I’d been trying to stay in and rest in the hopes that it would wipe out my cough, but about 4:30 I decided that it would be criminal to spend such a frabjous-looking day inside. It was still hot, but there were patches of clear blue in the sky and humidity dropped briefly into the […]

miracles continue


7:20 this morning. I think I’m over the lag now, if not the cold. And my, it’s pretty out. Freshmen (but not my roommate, who I guess isn’t one) moved in yesterday, meaning that I was stuck in a screaming freshman dorm for the third year of my college experience. That gets old quick, especially […]

miracles abound


I slept until 7:40 this morning, and it’s still halfway clear outside. Good start.

up late and it’s a good thing


Well, it’s 1:20 in the morning and I’ve not been to bed yet–I made it nearly to 6 o’clock last morning too. Progress. Unfortunately I can’t sleep in tomorrow since I should be getting my roommate in the morning. I’ve been told that many exchange roommates have ulterior motives: those who volunteer to room with […]

sick adventures


As I seem to be coming down with something (bird flu?) I’ll keep this one short. The off-campus tour went fairly well. We took the Light Rail to Tuen Mun Town Plaza and gawked a little, took it back to our local station (Siu Hong), got on West Rail there for Mei Foo where we […]

dood! (what noise does an Octopus make?)


Today has been a day of watery adventure (rainy, sweaty, and congee). The briefings have come a bit easier, though. Signed our hostel contracts, got our student proof for Octopus, ran through the fitness center course (required, along with a payment for each use, to do anything there), learned about the library system, and that’s […]