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long walk on the beach

I’d been trying to stay in and rest in the hopes that it would wipe out my cough, but about 4:30 I decided that it would be criminal to spend such a frabjous-looking day inside. It was still hot, but there were patches of clear blue in the sky and humidity dropped briefly into the 70s (though it stayed around the 80s). After taking a shot on campus to prove I’d seen blue sky in Hong Kong (available in the campus album though no part of the campus is in the frame), I headed off to my stomping ground at Siu Hong.

There I caught a LR 610 to Melody Garden, a couple hundred metres from the “Tuen Mun Promenade” and Butterfly Beach.

Butterfly is the least toxic beach in Tuen Mun district, earning an enthusiastic “2 – Fair” grading. It still smelled a bit funny. Alongside it are various parks, public barbecue pits, and streams (of natural runoff, I hope…) and the Melody Garden, Butterfly Estate, and other housing developments. Pictures of the beach, too, are in the usual place in their own folder.

There’s not much insightful to say about the beach. It had people on it, it was a bit dirty, the weather was nice, it wouldn’t be a bad place to tan if you’re in to that, there are weird things in the water, etc. It’s a beach, and not a horrible one. I liked it OK. It’s also (in addition to edging out the other nearby beaches in cleanliness) by far the easiest one to reach from campus.

Well, cut me a break, I can’t be interesting every day. I’ve been trying to figure out if I want to do any traveling this week—Macau had come to mind—but I think I’ll stay fairly local for now. Since I’ve been to Central once I’d like to try to stay away until my Student Octopus comes through, so I can save on MTR fare, and Macau is so small I’d like to save it to see if any of the legion currently out of the country are interested in coming along. One or two extra people are always good to bring taxi fares down when you’re in an unfamiliar place (this is academic as I have never hailed a taxi in my life, being too stubborn). And I really should stay in bed all week and shake this stupid cough, but… maybe if it starts raining more.

Singapore looks like it’ll be around US$200 tax-in for round-trip air, so that might be a weekend (or long weekend) later on. Or maybe I want to save it as a jumping-off point for a real trip and use it as a launchpad for Malaysia. Hmm. I wish I could get a response from a travel agent about playing the PRC visa game, because Shenzhen or Guangdong (Canton) might be good weekends too (or daytrips, but if I’m stuck with a limited-entry visa I’d like to get more out of it).