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dood! (what noise does an Octopus make?)

Today has been a day of watery adventure (rainy, sweaty, and congee). The briefings have come a bit easier, though. Signed our hostel contracts, got our student proof for Octopus, ran through the fitness center course (required, along with a payment for each use, to do anything there), learned about the library system, and that’s about it.

I ventured out to the Siu Hong West Rail / Light Rail station twice, first to deliver my Student Octopus application and then to buy an on-loan adult Octopus to tide me over until the 13 September (!) arrival of my Student one. I also went ahead and booked an appointment for my HKID at the fabulously overbooked Yuen Long office and paid my bill at the campus bank branch, so I’ve been a productive servant of bureaucracy. Today I found out that the canteen takes Octopus (octopi?), which means I may never use cash again. We’ll see.

Speaking of the canteen, I tried my luck with the Chinese breakfast today. Both Garrett and I received something we didn’t order (he went for the Western option), so our ordering was not flawless. I have no idea what my extra item was, but I can describe it: three pieces of something with a kind of gelatinous texture, possibly lightly fried, tasting vaguely of meat but (as far as I can tell) not being meat. Identifiable were the milk iced tea (what I got for just asking for an “iced drink”) and pork congee (jùk). The congee was not as smooth (nor as good) as the one I had on the plane, but still warm and filling. It wasn’t up to the level of the western breakfast (egg and chicken with black pepper sauce) I had yesterday, so I may switch back.

Our breakfasts averaged a mere HK$15.

The number 1 typhoon signal was hoisted today, and we got a little rain from the outer bands, but it’s past us (headed for Guangzhou) and unlikely to raise any higher signals.

One of the exchangers is getting together a meeting in the pool (also charged per-use… I guess it’s nicer than charging everybody the full amount as at WVU, but it creates a disincentive for students to take advantage of the resources) at 6:30 to talk about traveling. I’m not sure what the obsession with taking a huge group of Westerners somewhere is… a pair or a few people together, sure, but a horde is just begging for trouble. I may go if the rain’s off, though.

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