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better Brazil blogging


For those of you interested in pictures and actual insight into Rio, unfiltered by years of family visits and LSAT panic, Niki is doing a ridiculously good job (until her camera gets stolen). The linked post includes pictures of the same restaurant in the Northeast Fair as I lunched at, and she’s got some nice […]

return from Brazil


After a fairly boring trip, I’m back stateside. Got to the airport in Rio more quickly than I expected (with an excellent burned soundtrack provided by the cabbie), and got airside without any problem, which itself led to a problem: there’s nothing to do airside in Rio, unless you’re in to severely overpriced duty-free shopping. […]

more food


My trial by excess of fattening food continues. Yesterday I ate at the Fluminense football (ok… soccer) club’s dinky little kilo restaurant with my soccer-obsessed great-aunt, saw the field, visited the shop, etc. In the evening I headed back out that way (near Lgo. do Machado) for a restaurant whose name I don’t precisely remember […]

what kept me up last night


This kept me up last night. For those of you not strong of Babelfish, there was a very, very loud shootout in the hills nearby about 1:30 this morning. Anyway… Lunch at a churrascaria rodizio (look it up and drool–it’s pretty much an all-you-can-eat meat pit) in Centro today with my godfather. Unsurprisingly, it was […]

Art and Shakes


Saw a couple bits of art today, one neat and the other not. The neat one was an exhibition of Cuban art, and the not-so-neat was an exploration of light and shadow in Italian art with focus mainly on the more mediocre shadowy works. After that went through Copacabana to Ipanema after dark, catching some […]



The path is Pista Cláudio Coutinho. Lunch was at a feira nordestina (a fair of food/crafts/etc. from the Northeast region of Brazil). Just got to look over my purchase from yesterday… an “Ironmen” watch. At least it’s not a counterfeit, or it’s an honest one. Should serve for the month or two I need it. […]

bureaucracy e botequims


Unfortunately, although I’ve been doing fun stuff lately that I haven’t remembered enough to blog about, I’ve recently been occupied with trying to make sure that my military certificate is in shape for me to be allowed to leave the country. Around the world (literally–we called the consulate in Hong Kong last night since their […]

The Weather is Here


It’s the second of a quiet couple days here at the Brazilian HQ, devoted to the rapturous pursuit of LSAT Logic Games progress. It’s not really happening, but I got through the last sample problems in the Logic Games Bible so I’m going to go ahead and take my first practice test in months in […]



The food’s been good, the weather’s been nice, etc. Went to the beach (Barra) on Saturday and got to have a coconut water and see some nice flowers on the way there, then got stuffed at a seafood restaurant a bit past there. That evening went to a party for someone I didn’t really remember […]

Safe in Rio


I’m safely in Rio after minor delays. Unfortunately the Internet is not always with me. This is a placeholder until I fill in more about the trip later, though there wasn’t anything terribly notable. OK, I think I’ve got the Internet and such mostly fixed for tonight. Review of the trip: Short typical delay out […]