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Monthly Archives: January 2006

Dublin airport, points east, and points west


FR 1125 LGW-DUB 4 Jan 2035-2150 Although the UK immigration authorities had grilled me twice (and laid down two separate “leave to enter for six months” stamps within a page of each other), Ireland’s tired soul looked at the previous stamp and mumbled a bit. On this exit from Customs in Ireland I was not […]



Thanks to the automatic five trillion percent London markup, airfare from Paris to London proved to be no cheaper than taking a high speed train underwater. That almost makes sense coming from the domestic air market in the States, but looks odd in Europe. So I took the eurostar 9025 Paris Nord–London Waterloo 3 Jan […]



FR 22 DUB-BVA 30 Dec 0700-0925 I was greeted in the cornfields of Beauvais with the beginnings of a French blizzard–an unusual event which made the long line for coach tickets feel just a bit less friendly. I’m glad I brought gloves, coat, and ear protection. When I got to the stop in Paris the […]