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a little more Paris


Saw Orsay today, very cool. Alana off shopping in Les Halles. Have to leave about four hours preflight for bus to freaking Beauvais. Found a Brazilian bar with happy hour 3 minutes after it started, nice. Am getting carded in Europe all the time… to prove I am under 26 and get a discount. Trying […]

Barcelona night madness, Paris police


Barcelona concluded with an excellent and cheap meal on the Pl. Reial at Les quinze nits, and unfortunately with my leaving my backpack there and having to backtrack 30 minutes each way to retrieve it. Ooops. Good meal though. Unfortunately during that backtrack Brazil managed to blow it for their worst finish since I have […]



Thanks to the automatic five trillion percent London markup, airfare from Paris to London proved to be no cheaper than taking a high speed train underwater. That almost makes sense coming from the domestic air market in the States, but looks odd in Europe. So I took the eurostar 9025 Paris Nord–London Waterloo 3 Jan […]



FR 22 DUB-BVA 30 Dec 0700-0925 I was greeted in the cornfields of Beauvais with the beginnings of a French blizzard–an unusual event which made the long line for coach tickets feel just a bit less friendly. I’m glad I brought gloves, coat, and ear protection. When I got to the stop in Paris the […]