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Barcelona night madness, Paris police

Barcelona concluded with an excellent and cheap meal on the Pl. Reial at Les quinze nits, and unfortunately with my leaving my backpack there and having to backtrack 30 minutes each way to retrieve it. Ooops. Good meal though.

Unfortunately during that backtrack Brazil managed to blow it for their worst finish since I have been watching. Too bad.

Paris has been nice, though hellishly hot. Our digs are in a very cozy little room on a top floor which gets even hotter. But we have been getting some good seeing in… the Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Elysees from Etoile to Concorde last night, the Pompidou, Hotel de Ville, Notre Dame, Louvre (outside), Tuileries, and Sacre Coeur today so far, and perhaps a boat tour and the Catacombs in the future.

Crepes are still good. Oh, my, are they ever good. Having a hard time finding citron though.

Alana is getting some of her preconceptions about Paris challenged by a populace which seems to be in an unseasonably good mood on this visit, the free (when did this happen) technotoilets on the streets, and by a National Police officer or two’s stunning charms at Etoile. Also, the tap water is fabulous (or Barcelona’s was bad enough that it seems that way).

Tomorrow begins our odyssey through Dublin and it would not be surprising if I do not make it on the Net before home. Thanks for following along.

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