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How to walk or bike the Triboro (Triborough) (Robert F. Kennedy) Bridge


This image would have been quite helpful in my trek from Manhattan to Queens. Find me, Google!: Great views.

Bem Bolado: Brazilian kilo food in East Harlem (CLOSED)


This review is a little delayed, but I must do my small part in creating a web presence for the scarce non-churrascaria Brazilian food scene in the City. Note: you may also find this listed online as “Bolado Bem.” Note also: it closed :-( (some time before March 6, 2008) I’d previously mentioned Brasilianville in […]

34 Street / Penn Station


A lady in a motorized wheelchair—gray-haired, but not too old-looking—zoomed by in front of me, between me and the subway trackbed, faster than I thought those usually go. In retrospect, I’m not sure if she was awake; I didn’t get a look at her face. My friend and I exchanged raised eyebrows. We had gotten […]

Cloisters, cruises, cuisine, crushings, credit card cancellations


On Friday, classes having been moved out of the way, I visited the Cloisters with a friend. It’s very convenient from campus: it’s the last stop uptown of a bus line. Our IDs got us in for free, which was a good price: I’m not sure how I would have felt about paying the suggested […]

Brazilian Day 2007


As I’d feared, the Manhattan Brazil day was long on corporate and short on Brazil. The vast majority of the street fair—at least 70%, and almost everything uptown of 47th St—had nothing to do with Brazil. The same smoothie stand, gyro booth, reggae CD shop, etc. repeated ad nauseum, with the occasional Hispanic food booth. […]

Brazilian Day Festivals in the NYC Area


This Labor Day weekend, there will be no less than three Brazilian Day festivals in the New York City area (commemorating Brazilian independence). They are these: From the 31st-3rd in Newark (free shuttle buses from Newark Penn). On the 2nd in Manhattan (Little Brazil, around 46th St. and 6th Ave.), details here. On the 3rd […]

Brasilianville Café and Grill, Astoria


Today I had lunch at Brasilianville Café and Grill in Astoria, Queens. It’s a kilo restaurant, of the type that’s very common in Brazil, although it bows to America’s Imperial sensibilities and vends food by the pound. Food from the salad and steamer bars is $3.99/lb; churrasco (Brazilian barbecue) is $6.99/lb. I had a very […]