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Brasilianville Café and Grill, Astoria

Today I had lunch at Brasilianville Café and Grill in Astoria, Queens. It’s a kilo restaurant, of the type that’s very common in Brazil, although it bows to America’s Imperial sensibilities and vends food by the pound. Food from the salad and steamer bars is $3.99/lb; churrasco (Brazilian barbecue) is $6.99/lb. I had a very sad encounter with Diet Guaraná Antarctica—a pale shadow of the real thing, which I found at a nearby convenience store—and the food from the steamer table, although it hit a soul food spot, probably wasn’t the best I’ve eaten.

The steak, though… and the linguiça (a type of sausage)… mmm. I could taste the fat, and it was wonderful. At just $7/lb., even taking into account the “subway tax,” the meat made for a worthy meal. I have been enjoying my food coma this afternoon.

That area of Astoria had lots of interesting-looking food: we passed Ecuadorian, Bosnian, Bulgarian (well, that was a liquor store) and other Brazilian restaurants. Good trip. I’m going to try some Jersey-made guaraná I picked up, and I’ll report on that soon.

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