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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Filling up the picture tubes


After running out of disk space and fending off a hack attempt from a few days ago (oops… I’m slacking), I’ve gotten most of my pictures from my post-term trip up. 4807

Last Days


Hmm, it’s been a while. I’m back Stateside now, through a slightly torturous route. Shanghai to Shenzhen was no trouble, and nor was speeding back to Lingnan by minibus. I picked up my stuff and met a small party in Trevor’s apartment, where I picked up my luggage and got a taxi bargained for me… […]

Why I really like China


My last day in Kyoto, I saw the mostly worthless (but free) application-required tour of the not-so-old Imperial Palace. Yawn. More yawns followed during the night bus ride to Tokyo (nobody had a seatmate this time… excellent) and as I staggered through the early morning of Tokyo. In Tokyo, I wandered around Ueno before anything […]

Most of Kyoto


Here is the laundry-list style recap since I am a bad blogger: Monday: Went to nearby Nara, an ancient capital. Walked all around Nara-koen, saw a really big wooden building (Grand Buddha hall) among other nice things. Came back, explored downtown Kyoto. My food staples here: Yoshinoya beef bowl at least once daily, Cafe du […]

more Tokyo, some Kyoto


Right, Tokyo… Shibuya, Roppongi, and I meant to see more, honest. Maybe I will squeeze in Asakusa on my way out. Shibuya was as bustling as advertised. I went to see the Roppongi Hills development and satisfy my urban planning curiosity, but wound up sidetracked as the Mori Art Museum there was hosting a Le […]

Since my last post in Shanghai…


I pretty much wandered through the French concession for a day and a half or so. It was nice and… leafy. I like leafy streets, and they tend to be in short supply in this half of the world. I came down with a nasty little head cold on the morning of my departure, but […]