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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Macau pictures posted


I’ve still not been bitten by the blogging bug, probably because the mosquitos, spiders, and other local fauna have crowded it out of the picture. However, to see what wasn’t crowded out of the picture, head for my photo page and take a look at the small slice of Peninsular Macau I visited. 1772

No Philippines


After talking to someone in Manila I’ve decided to suck it up, lose the (sunk cost) refund fees and bail out of my trip this weekend. The power grid and roads are not in shape to handle me yet. Macau was interesting, I’ll have text and pictures up soonish.

Time to travel


Not much has been going on recently so I’ll shake it up: I think I’m going to daytrip to Macau tomorrow, as early as I can manage. The weather should be good. I don’t know if I’ll be able to blog or post photos between my return late Thursday and my escape to Manila on […]

Project Blackout, Hotpot, Chungking Haircut


Saturday was a long day, even though I woke up late. Dinner was at the Spaghetti House in TMTP (which on weekends gives life to the metaphor of swimming through crowds). I had angel hair with sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms—a typical Hong Kong dish, dontcha know. About a quarter-day later, after endless “primping” (to pretty […]

still here


Nothing very exciting has happened recently, sorry for slacking. Went out to Old Cafeteria Beach (yes, that’s the name) last night as part of a big, overexerting barbecue party, but came back early and very tired. I tried some dried squid (chips?) but that’s about as fun as it got for me. Got 11 hours […]



Someone found my pictures from the following page: . What can I say?



I picked up my HKID today, fortunately finding a cooperative fingerprint reader this time. I’m no longer an unperson to the Government, although many locals would beg to differ. It might have my best ID picture yet on it, but that’s probably because it’s in glamorous black and white. Tomorrow I have a dental appointment […]

Hi, my name is 哈 达能。


If I’m reading the scribblings correctly, the title of this post contains my name (for Mandarin class purposes). The Pinyin is Hā Dánéng.

Full weekday


Today: Class from 9:30 to 11:30, running off to Chung Fu to deal with the optical shop, running (and barely making it to) the PRC pseudoconsulate in Wan Chai, a leisurely ferry to TST, waiting around idly in Sam’s and getting my first fitting, and back home by an unorthodox route (free interchange bus K16 […]

Full weekend


This weekend was a full one, so I’ll try to prune my flowery writing. Saturday, Carry and Tim (both had exchanged at WVU from Lingnan last semester) went around Hong Kong Island with Jessalyn, Garrett, and I (this semester’s WVU exchange students) and Cassie, an honorary WVU student yesterday (and a Beloiter normally). We ate […]