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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Tentative Mailing Address


Just got my room assignment/roommate/student number/e-mail address and so on for Lingnan. I am sure that they are subject to change, but my mailing address (just to get used to the sound of it) will probably be: Room 306A, Hall B Lingnan University Tuen Mun, New Territories HONG KONG I’ll post on arrival to confirm […]

Lingnan class list


I recently (finally) got my class list for Lingnan. This is not all-inclusive: I will compensate for the dropping of requested classes for time conflicts during the add/drop periods. It would have been easier to avoid these conflicts had the class times been posted anywhere I could find, of course. Fall Term: SSC 201: Trade […]

Dublin to home


After a day full of tarmac-sitting, I am back on my poor old ibook at home. The Ryanair flight from BVA to DUB was chaotic and cattle-like as usual, but the pilot had an interesting intercom annoucement in flight: “Italy have won two-nil in extra time.” This leaves me in a serious predicament as I […]

a little more Paris


Saw Orsay today, very cool. Alana off shopping in Les Halles. Have to leave about four hours preflight for bus to freaking Beauvais. Found a Brazilian bar with happy hour 3 minutes after it started, nice. Am getting carded in Europe all the time… to prove I am under 26 and get a discount. Trying […]

Barcelona night madness, Paris police


Barcelona concluded with an excellent and cheap meal on the Pl. Reial at Les quinze nits, and unfortunately with my leaving my backpack there and having to backtrack 30 minutes each way to retrieve it. Ooops. Good meal though. Unfortunately during that backtrack Brazil managed to blow it for their worst finish since I have […]

l’auberge espagnole


My birthday, for lack of a more articulate word, sucked. The draconian imposition of siesta hours is cute at first but when one has a night train to catch when restaurants are opening and cannot get a decent meal… rrgh. Oh yeah, that and the ketchup. The Alhambra was nice again, of course. We did […]