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l’auberge espagnole


My birthday, for lack of a more articulate word, sucked. The draconian imposition of siesta hours is cute at first but when one has a night train to catch when restaurants are opening and cannot get a decent meal… rrgh. Oh yeah, that and the ketchup. The Alhambra was nice again, of course. We did […]

my birthday


a few minutes ago, walking down the streets of Granada, I got splashed–all over, wearing khakis–with ketchup from above. I think that should tell you all you need to know.

no Córdoba after all


The Sevilla night bus was stinky and miserable as could be expected, and then we got kicked out of the bus station for 15 minutes because it wasn’t open yet… insult added to injury. After the city woke up I introduced Alana to chocolate con churros and we found our hostal, miraculously equipped with a […]