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The food’s been good, the weather’s been nice, etc. Went to the beach (Barra) on Saturday and got to have a coconut water and see some nice flowers on the way there, then got stuffed at a seafood restaurant a bit past there. That evening went to a party for someone I didn’t really remember at the Café Lamas in Flamengo, which lasted quite a while.

Today I got to sleep in and then went to lunch with family at a kilo place (you buy your food by the kilo (or fraction thereof, you greedy pig), followed by a decadent dessert session at my great-aunt’s apartment. And back here I am, finally, cracking my LSAT books for the first time and making embarrassingly little (no) progress.

A couple interesting things about Rio that I’d pretty much forgotten… the smell of alcohol near gas stations (Brazil claims this year to be completely energy independent), the neat sidewalk patterns, and the fact that a palm tree across the street looks to be taller than this apartment (on the sixth floor).

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