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The Weather is Here

It’s the second of a quiet couple days here at the Brazilian HQ, devoted to the rapturous pursuit of LSAT Logic Games progress. It’s not really happening, but I got through the last sample problems in the Logic Games Bible so I’m going to go ahead and take my first practice test in months in a couple hours. If less than 75% of the LG answers are ‘D’ I’m probably in trouble.

The weekend’s sun has been replaced by… well… something. It’s been foggy and gray, and this morning some rain has finally, blessedly cleared the mugginess from the air (though not the fog). This made for an unpleasant night last night, pre-rain, but yields a decent-feeling if not decent-looking day today.

I don’t think it’s made it below 67ºF at night–not bad for late Fall. Forecast calls for some rain through at least Thursday morning but meteorologists are famously inaccurate around here.

My grandmother’s most recent dessert was unfortunately exhausted yesterday: it was a torta de ricota (yeah, ricotta, the stuff you find in good lasagna, except a little sweet) covered with goiabada (guava paste).