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The path is Pista Cláudio Coutinho.

Lunch was at a feira nordestina (a fair of food/crafts/etc. from the Northeast region of Brazil).

Just got to look over my purchase from yesterday… an “Ironmen” watch. At least it’s not a counterfeit, or it’s an honest one. Should serve for the month or two I need it.

In an interesting complication for my Hong Kong plans, a check of Yodlee, which I use to keep track of my accounts, revealed that my credit card balance was about $3,000 higher than it needed to be. No transactions showed in Yodlee’s “last seven days” view for that card.

A visit to that card’s site reveals that on the 15th, when I bought my Hong Kong ticket, the travel agent decided that I would also be happy to buy two tickets for the Reddy family to go to Singapore. I guess I was celebrating too hard…

Those two transactions, unlike the real Hong Kong ticket, posted ten days after they were charged on the 25th, so they came from nowhere. I’ve already called and disputed the charges, but seeing a balance like that is a real gut check. I hope this doesn’t end up jeopardizing my HK ticket through that agent.

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