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Monthly Archives: August 2006

first photos


I’ve uploaded a couple photos. Of interest might be my room.



I’m dragging and my eyes are fuzzy but I need to stay up to have any hope of unlagging, so I’ll blog a bit more. I arrived at HKG more or less on time, although my luggage did not. The immigration queue was good-sized but moving pretty quickly. I saw Jessalyn and Garrett, the other […]

Running on Battery


Well, it’s about 5:30 in the morning and I’m awake, which isn’t that bad… The travel doc’s prescribed Ambien knocked me out hard from about midnight til now, so I’m feeling a bit rested. My computer is running on (44%) battery—I should be able to buy a plug adapter today though. As you can see, […]

made it


…but my luggage didn’t. Details when I have the time (and adapters).



I’ll be leaving about 6 o’clock tomorrow morning for Pittsburgh. It’s been really good to catch up with everyone I ran across in Morgantown, and my ex-co-workers are wonderful people for putting up with me for another two days. I’ll update next from the other side (unless I get really bored near free wi-fi in […]

“and they don’t take American Express”


held hostel


It seems WVU has finally gotten around to billing me for my room (per the exchange agreement). I’m living in an exclusive international section of Arnold Hall (which happens to be thousands of miles from Prospect St.) in a double room for $1,750 per semester. The Lingnan hostel fee for 2005-06 averaged a bit under […]

Liquids On A Plane!


Well, this morning I was greeted by the heartwarming news that the previous Aging Empire broke up a terror plot involving liquids. Not that that hasn’t been tried before. Now, it’s a wonderful thing (and I’m typing that phrase in an atypically sincere way) and a fabulous victory for British law enforcement. What isn’t a […]

just a reminder


DL 5125 21AUG PIT JFK 1050A 1217P CX 831 21AUG JFK HKG 345P 805P#1 (Arrival of 8:05 p.m. HKT = 8:05 a.m. EDT on the 22nd).

countdown’s on


As my ex-co-workers get started with RA training back in Morgantown, their two weeks of purgatory will coincide with my two weeks left stateside: I leave from PIT at 10:30 on the first Monday of school. With any luck I’ll be able to find a way to actually get to the airport: it’s my father’s […]