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miracles continue

7:20 this morning. I think I’m over the lag now, if not the cold. And my, it’s pretty out.

Freshmen (but not my roommate, who I guess isn’t one) moved in yesterday, meaning that I was stuck in a screaming freshman dorm for the third year of my college experience. That gets old quick, especially since (unlike last year) I can’t be the jerk and shut them up when it gets too loud. Much less understand what they’re shouting about.

Yesterday was kind of a slow day, and today might be too: I’m trying to shake this cold and not challenge my respiratory system so much. Yesterday’s big event was finding a massive box-o-junk left behind by previous WVU people, including a hot plate, around 30 hangars, and sandbox toys (among many others).

Some time this week I will head out to Big Buddha, since a group’s already been there. I don’t need them to blaze a trail, but I’d like to let my list of places to see overlap with others as much as possible, and since most of them are off in Bangkok or Hanoi today I don’t need to worry about them covering any more Hong Kong for a while. The weather looks too nice (though as always showers are forecast) to stay here today so maybe I’ll try to see something out here in the less-polluted New Territories.

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