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My absentee ballot arrived in the mail today, a day after I asked the Consulate to send me a write-in form. Oops. It’ll go to good use for someone else, though.

The ballot is rather thin this election in my precinct: no school board shenanigans, just one senator, and the usual two-year offices. I undervoted a bit, since several of my incumbents lost my vote over the past few years without having sufficiently impressive or repugnant competition to get me going. I did get to show the Mountain Party some love instead of explicitly throwing my vote away for one office, and that’s always fun.

I could have mailed the (US postage affixed) envelope from the Consulate by APO/FPO for free, but since it’s about HK$40 r/t away I splurged and spent HK$6.10 on local stamps, after getting lots of practice signing my name on the envelope.

On my way, I dared to enter the local stationery store (which looks like a Hello Kitty boutique) and find a padded envelope for something I’ve been trying to send for a while. Sending that gave me the opportunity of licking a $20 stamp for the first time in my life—an important milestone, no doubt.

Enough postage. Worked on the first of my tutorial presentations today, which I will need to remember to wake up for at 9:30 tomorrow. It’ll be a blast. It’d be more of a blast if the class were about psycholinguistics (as titled) instead of first language acquisition, but I’ll survive.

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