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got to admit it’s getting better

OK, so after a decent meal and the crazy Holland x Portugal match last night, and some late night walking, I think we are patched up for a few more days of 24/7 friction-building travel. We we neither the first in bed nor the first up at the hostel, which was gratifying. Ran into the Royal Palace and that area before dinner last night, which was an area I had not seen here.

We checked out, went to the post office, and then day-tripped off to Toledo and rode the cheesy but effective zocotren. Food prices off the beaten path were fabulous. The cathedral was expensive but cathedralrific.

After a little downtime in a park (with working water fountain!) we trekked back down to the bus station and got back to Madrid. Went to the Reina Sofía for a bit, had some Doner Kebap, and now we are internetting for a bit before our 23h night bus to Sevilla. That should be a pack of fun, with 5h arrival. Hopefully we will be up to enjoying the city on arrival.

Weather is classic Spanish. Warm but bearably dry and incredible in the evenings.

Hasta pronto.

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