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What’s not wrong with Lingnan

Don’t worry, plenty is still wrong with Lingnan: however, so far, it seems I’ve done a better job picking classes this semester (made possible by the correction of the one of Lingnan’s less endearing faults last semester, the inability to schedule tutorial-mode classes online). I’ve been pleasantly surprised at least once already, and I’m taking a known good professor for another course. I’ll reserve judgment on the rest until I’ve had the full first week’s worth, but expect an early review of classes soon.

The past couple days have been fairly productive: I’ve once again lost my hair, made a dental appointment to take advantage of my student privileges again, taken a few books out from the library and generally failed to start reading them, made it to classes, been to Gold Coast, filled out myriad financial aid forms…

Digression: Graduate financial aid is easy! See, the Federal government automatically declares you independent, for aid purposes, if you are pursuing post-undergraduate education. So the schools make you file a (often non-free) supplemental form with all the missing parental data, and ridiculous estimates of inestimable future income.

Whew. I guess you’ll have to wait to find out what isn’t wrong with Lingnan. It really isn’t their fault, though: the pleasantly surprising professor was seemingly brought here by destiny. I’ll explain why on the other side of this dramatic cliffhanger of a post.

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