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NYU’s visit was crammed in many ways. It all took place within one day, the 1L class is pretty big there, and 280 people were at that visit day alone. Breakfast was nice: Columbia should consider copying the “chair” innovation we enjoyed in Vanderbilt Hall. Everything was sliced into 50 minute blocks, which was a bit annoyingly institutional, but they did put together an interesting program (though a bit over capacity). I’m not sure I like the size.

Public interest and international connections seem, of course, fantastic. Panels were pretty panelly, as usual. The big surprise was that the rumored amazing student body lived up to the rumors—instead of sleeping through a third afternoon panel in a row, I went to the admitted student “lounge” set up on the suggestion of the current students. The students there were so great that it is making me think really hard.

Big negative: housing. For the price of Columbia’s luxury aparthotel (and I’d be staying somewhere cheaper), you can get the worst option on campus at NYU. It costs more to take a step up to the nicer on-campus option, Mercer. Of course, there really isn’t a campus… but it’s close. The Village is very, very expensive. I think it’s fun but I’d like the more sedate uptown life a little better… but I really like the people downtown. Ugh. Tough.

Receptions with open bars were scheduled between 5 and 10 p.m. They’re serious about their feeding and greasing. I left before 6 to catch up with Curtis and Mike for Japanese food near Astor Pl., which was great. I’m more conflicted than before I visited (when I wasn’t really thinking about NYU because of the admissions office’s lack of communication). So… argh.

Saturday I met up with Brett, a friend from high school, and his New Yorker girlfriend. Nice lunch. Took the Staten Is. ferry and did a little tourist gawking, and then I was done.

I should be boarding for DTW soon, so I’m going to dash this off: I’m sure I’m leaving out a ton, but this is the gist.