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Spring Deer = Duck

Today our Mandarin teacher took us out for an extremely generous lunch at the Spring Deer restaurant in TST, where we feasted on Peking Duck and everything else you could possibly imagine. It was a long lunch and I think we’re all grateful and a little sore.

Afterward, we walked around Central. A lot. Taking the Star Ferry over to its new Pier #7 (the old one was decommissioned Saturday night in the name of progress, destroying heritage and helping highlight a record air pollution index in Central), we walked back into civilization, through the ifc mall, and eventually up to the Mid-Levels Escalator. This supposedly longest escalator system in the world kept going and going (with a stop at a Krispy Kreme featuring small, unconvincing doughnuts), giving us a nice view of the SoHo area restaurants.

From there we worked our way downhill to the Hong Kong Zoo and Botanical Garden—or a small corner of it, anyway, before working our way further down and ending up in Hong Kong Park near the Peak Tram lower terminus and Admiralty/Pacific Place. Thence back to the escalator (some new people had joined us), to a “Taco Loco” Mexican place (not too exciting, but the price was pretty good for the area) for dinner. Carne Asada burrito. Review: eh.

We then made our way back down through some dark alleys to the Central arteries of Queens and Connaught Roads Central, and back to the new Star Ferry pier where we lazed around for a while. Unbelievably, two of the group hadn’t yet ridden the Star Ferry (and I suppose will never have used the old Island-side terminal), so we took it back on our way home (taking the scenic route on the observation deck over the Avenue of Stars before going directly through the various subways back to TST instead of squeezing under the Salisbury scaffolding).

The air pollution was visibly really, really bad today in Central. The view from TST in the early afternoon was wretched, just as I’ll be in the morning for typing this now.

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