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using visa entries

My mentioning of Yangshuo and Guilin has only served to get together a group of other exchange students to go there at times when I can’t miss class. Oops. I’ve read that it can brown out a bit in the winter, so that scenery may need to wait for spring.

This leaves me with two unused Mainland visa entries expiring on December 14th. I think that I may try to use one of them this weekend in Guangzhou. I’ve heard good and bad (mainly bad) but as non-Shenzhen overland options doable over a weekend go, it sounds like the most interesting one.

Right now I’m planning to take a roundabout way to get in by rail, avoiding the coaches to Huanggang crossing (which confuses me and would probably involve a taxi). I’ll probably take bus 263 from Tuen Mun WR / Town Center terminus to Sha Tin, and then the East Rail up to Lo Wu crossing. From Luohu (the name magically changes to Mandarin on the other side) I should be able to catch one of a number of trains or buses to Guangzhou.

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