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No Guangzhou this weekend. Couldn’t get hold of any single accommodations—hotels are targeting business, not lonesome backpackers (who tend to stay in more scenic places). Too bad. The visa is a sunk cost anyway.

I had red curry this evening to make it all better. Also watched Munich. Not sure what I think about it.

Rumor has it that there might be a recount in the no-doubt-extremely-important student government type election thing of the past few weeks, but rumor takes about a week to make it into English and then into my ears.

I’ve finally identified the ankle-biters… the ridiculous welts which, well, well up on my feet every so often definitely are coming from some sort of ground-based creature living in the area outside the canteen (where I like to eat lunch alfresco, despite the shiver-sparking 70 degree weather). I guess I shouldn’t be wearing flip-flops, as much as that conclusion hurts me deep inside.

I’ve learned my final exam schedule. I have one final during the exam period—in the morning of the first day. Not bad. Crazy trip ideas to follow.

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