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Moment of Weekness

This week hasn’t been too awfully bad. Monday I wrote a term paper. The results of the Tuesday election have been a pleasant surprise. I went for curry at Jordan Curry House on Wednesday, which was… ok. Fabulous mango lassi, of course, some middling other stuff, and a very tasty mushroom and peas curry.

Today I got admitted to two law schools [well, I was admitted to them in the end of October, but they didn’t exactly use FedEx] and signed up for a library card at the Tuen Mun public library, where I now have access to a wealth of slightly out of date guidebooks. I don’t actually get a library card: instead I “allow my Smart ID card for library purposes.” This means I don’t need to worry about paying for a lost library card. Supposedly there are privacy firewalls: the Immigration Department should not have any idea what I’m doing with the library side, and vice-versa. I’m not here long enough to worry about it, and anything interesting enough to be subversive is probably in a university library already.

I inadvertently discovered the cheapest public transportation method for a quick trip to Town Center. By taking the K51 feeder bus in one direction and the Light Rail in the other direction (doesn’t matter which one) within the transfer time, the bus leg is free. In my case, today, it worked out to HK$1.95 each way.

I probably should have walked, though.

I’ve been making a habit out of going to the English Corner (and Wednesday’s Son of English Corner). The “big” Corners have the advantage of providing my lunch two days per week [is there a proper way to write out “two days a week?”], but they’re all interesting. Sometimes. Usually, I guess. The idea of coming back as an English Tutor next year is an interesting one. “Interesting” is the most I’ve been able to pin it down. Lots of pros, lots of cons.

Tomorrow I’ll be trying (again) to meet future Lingnan to WVU exchangers for lunch. I should probably be awake then and asleep now.