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Hong Kong Notes

What’s Hong Kong like? I’m done travel blogging it, I think, but here are my notes:

13th: 6 lbs. of Velveeta and I go through 15 minutes of interrogation about its solidity, potential explosive qualities, and my travel history at JFK. We pass.

15th: Killer onion bhajjis. Suit measurement in TST, followed by Kowloon Park (wow, hornbills are weird), Hui Lau Shan (Mango with Mango and Mango Mango in Mango Sauce). Back in Yuen Long, way too much Japanese food and way too much Cantonese dessert (with an English menu!).

16th: The “treehouse” at Kam Tin, a master class in scaring wild dogs, Din Tai Fung xiaolongbao and other deliciousness in TST, having bread thrown at me by a kid (hey, it works on fish!), FROZEN COKE MACHINE!, an open air BYO bar atop ifc.

17th: Delicious pancakes. Horse races at Sha Tin, finally (I’m a slow tourist). Hunting the elusive English menu, Vietnamese food version, through the twisty streets of downtown Yuen Long. More Cantonese dessert, less English menu.

18th: More bhajjis, hurtling completely lost through Tuen Mun Town Plaza and its many friends, Ching Chung Koon, the light rail, as crowded and stinky as ever, a surreal minute or two back in Siu Hong railway station, Tsui Wah and a surprisingly decent beer bar (Beerlao dark!).

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