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Photos of South America

Gotcha! You thought I’d posted some?

I’ve been thinking a bit about how to post photos, or rather which photos to post. I may postpone it further by writing a post about how I intend to post them. I’d like to avoid the visual equivalent of the preceding post — an unyielding wall of similar looking images, all of which I post because they came out in focus and because each little, say, temple near Angkor is different and deserves its own picture. Past victims of my slideshows should be nodding along, if not off. [Though it should be a little easier, at least in theory, to distinguish parts of this post.]

To avoid the yet-another-temple/slab of hieroglyphics syndrome, I plan to try the ruthless approach to photo curation for this trip. Unfortunately, getting to ruthless from 7 GB of photos (from 3 cameras–I didn’t even shoot this trip) is taking about as long as I’d expected. Maybe this weekend. Maybe next trip I’ll even have this in mind when I decide what to photograph. Maybe.

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