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Enough of Cambodia

I enjoyed paying just $4 for my bus ticket out of Cambodia, but did not enjoy the spine-cracking dust-filled journey as much. I’m still digging mud out of my nose every once in a while.

I took a bus from Aranyaprathet to some random city (as yet unidentified) to Nong Khai, where my travel day (which started at 0650) ended at 0330.

And now I’m in Vientiane, the wonderfully sleepy capital (yes…) of Lao. In deference to the Lao people I’m dropping both the silent ‘s’ added by the French and the “PDR” added by their eventual successors, so just “Lao” it is (following the lead of the excellent Beerlao). It’s a heavenly break after Cambodia and even Thailand… the roads are paved, if a little dusty, and the food is varied and excellent. I’m staying in a central area haunted by NGO types so I don’t get stared at or taunted with “touk-touks” (France strikes again with the extra letters) the moment I step outside.

Maybe one day I’ll remember everything I’ve wanted to write about, but today isn’t it. There was some good material on the improvised Thai bus ride, for example (reminder to self).

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