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OK, I’m in the Kingdom of Cambodia—Siem Reap, that is, the town near the Angkor Wat set of temples. The border crossing itself was ok, but the border divetown of Poipet was absolutely the most miserable town I’ve seen in my life… and I’ve been driven through West Texas. The taxi ride was punishing and we only got one by aquiescing to a scam which dragged on for over a kilometer. I feared for my life (during the taxi ride) at first, but quickly realized that any death from oncoming traffic would be quick, brutal, and beyond my control. I’ve heard it isn’t as bad going back but I still might seek out another crossing for when I’m heading up toward Nong Khai and Vientiane.

It is kind of fun to use the US Dollar as the main currency—you can even pull them out of the two ATMs in town. Because of the taxi ride yesterday, I (and the Aussies I attached myself to for the taxi) decided that sleeping in was the better part of valor today, but this afternoon the temple exploration will start.

That’s all for now. I will probably spend two and a half days on the temples here before heading back out. Access is all over, but I may be too tired to come up with anything… not many places have picture-uploading facilities, though I have not yet taken any anyway.

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