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pre-flight check / brazil unleavened?

As tomorrow’s flight looms (see the shadow? or is that from the 70% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon here?) I’ve noticed Delta still doesn’t have its online check-in together for international flights. No sneaky exit row grabs for me (if Delta even allows those these days).

To my deep regret, I’ll be checking a bag. I further regret its weight: nearly 46 out of the 50 lbs. allotted by DL. Part of the problem is that it’s a heavy bag, but the rest of the problem is that I’m carrying random consumer goods (seriously, Listerine?). On the bright side, that means I can bring back lots of (light, easily packable) goodies for myself. It’s zipped and ready, as are a couple carry-on items. I just need to print some document and phone list copies for the bags and myself, and I’ll be set.

Hopefully, I’ll turn down enough of my grandmother’s food to fit in the seat on the way back. And while I’m being hopeful, it sounds like the violence in SP has died down for a bit (with the exception of the usual revenge- and excuse- killings from the police).

Assuming I get out of Charleston in time tomorrow, I should have a couple hour in the Atlanta airport and about a ten-hour flight to Rio, arriving at 7:10 a.m. local. Brazil is UTC-3 hours, one hour ahead of EDT. Unless I snag a leaky hotspot in ATL, this should be my last post from the States for a couple weeks–if you’d like anything from Brazil that’s not too painful to carry, get in touch and I’ll try to find it for you.

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