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Hong Kong Notes


What’s Hong Kong like? I’m done travel blogging it, I think, but here are my notes: 13th: 6 lbs. of Velveeta and I go through 15 minutes of interrogation about its solidity, potential explosive qualities, and my travel history at JFK. We pass. 15th: Killer onion bhajjis. Suit measurement in TST, followed by Kowloon Park […]

Hong Kong Revisited


This January, I’ll be making it back to Hong Kong for far too short a time. If you’ll cross paths with me, let me know: 4 Jan arrive HKG around 2 p.m. 6 Jan in Macau from early morning and then flying to Kuala Lumpur, overnighting there 7 Jan to Langkawi 8 Jan back to […]

Last Days


Hmm, it’s been a while. I’m back Stateside now, through a slightly torturous route. Shanghai to Shenzhen was no trouble, and nor was speeding back to Lingnan by minibus. I picked up my stuff and met a small party in Trevor’s apartment, where I picked up my luggage and got a taxi bargained for me… […]