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Monthly Archives: May 2006

packing heavy


I seem to be in what looks like an unusual situation: I need to learn to pack less efficiently. In spring 2004, when I was panicking at the sudden realization that my non-refundable ticket to CDG in Paris would not be paired with friendly free housing on the beach, I started trying to figure out […]



I just paid for my ticket to Hong Kong. Ouch.

Lingnan Acceptance, Airfare


Overnight I received e-mail from Lingnan telling me that I’m accepted and that my materials are on their way to Morgantown. Calling Morgantown, I was pretty much told to buy my airfare and assume I won’t get turned down for the visa (which still has its 4-6 week purgatory to go through). So I got […]

Europe 2006 outline


A little on the Europe plans for this summer: On the way back home from Spring Break, Alana (generously giving me a ride) suggested a trip to Spain. Before we came back to Morgantown we’d booked a flight. Maybe it was a little hasty, but I think this should work out pretty well. We fly […]

On Brazil


I’ve been going to Brazil since I was six months old–a fact to which my January 1986 Brazilian passport picture testified, through a couple renewals, until 1998. Though I was born (weeks before my time) in Lubbock, Texas, my mother was (and is) Brazilian. Through the magic of jus sanguinis, I too am Brazilian. This […]

This Summer’s Travel


In my introduction I neglected to mention the reason I started poking around with my old travelogues: I’m going to be writing a couple new ones. This summer from May 18 to June 2 I’ll be in on the way to, in, or coming back from Brazil. I’ll be visiting family, as I have many […]



This blog is part of a long-dormant effort to chronicle my travels. One day, in fantasyland, this will be updated with my travelogue from Spain in 2004 and at least a cursory overview of my adult traveling life (that’s Ottawa, Canada in May 2003; Spain, Portugal, and a dash of Paris in June 2004; and […]

Winter 2005-2006


This winter break I spent a little time between Christmas and the start of the new semester in Europe. I flew to Dublin and back with my friend Ryan, although we may not be friends after that much time together in US‘s aluminum cans. I’m editing this from one long itinerary post, so bear with […]