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Taipei’s MRT’s little details


A couple nice things that struck me about Taipei’s MRT: Most MRT stations had clean public restrooms, clearly marked, with toilet paper and at least a few western toilets, in their unpaid areas. Excellent. In Hong Kong’s MTR, there are restrooms on the platforms in the paid areas… but they’re a secret! You have to […]

Taipei, 3 of 3


My blogging and pictures definitely went downhill from day 1. The last day, I decided to see both Danshui and the hot springs. Unfortunately, both places were cloudy and it actually started drizzling. Got to see some bubbly water, but that’s about all of notice—I didn’t even go in the old Spanish/Dutch/British fort at Danshui […]

Taipei, Part 2


The National Palace Museum (national as in China, so there’s a lot of stuff there) was great, but I discovered that the breezy, empty transportation system of mid-weekdays turns into a crowded, slow, snarled mess on weekends. After waiting for around an hour to catch any bus, I curtailed my schedule for today. No pictures […]

Taipei, Part 1.5


Last evening, I left off after a streetside dinner which had left me wanting more. So, I got more. I went out to Din Tai Fung, which is a world-famous (among snobby food critics, anyway) place specializing in xiaolongbao (Shanghainese-style soup dumplings). It was what it was cracked up to be. Also, the lantern festival […]

Taipei, part 1


Here I am in Taipei, my feet destroyed by underestimating the scale of some guidebook maps. My journey was about par for the course; minor delays, unexpected niceties of flying in Asia, and so on. At the airport my check-in took about 25 minutes—with no line—because “something was wrong.” I was half-expecting to find myself […]

Taipei this weekend


HONG KONG         TAIPEI            BR0858  H  01MAR07   2105       OKTAIPEI            HONG KONG         BR1851  H  04MAR07   2010       OK

Taiwan calling


Fares to Taiwan Taipei, China this weekend are about as low as they have been, but much more available than they have been in the post- New Year work frenzy.  I might book for Thursday evening… it’s around 1400 HKD tax-in r/t to Taipei.  Hmmm. The next weekend, I might make it to Yangshuo; it […]