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Urban Hiking


Today I went through passport control six times without leaving the country. Such is China. I took the 10:15 ferry from Tuen Mun (!!!) to Zhuhai. This company wants to go to Macau, but Stanley HO doesn’t like the idea of not controlling part of each ferry company landing in Macau (in addition to the […]

Macao o segundo


I’m back in Tuen Mun after a second crack at Macau this weekend. I traveled with a group of seven others, which is a bit large for my taste but ended up working out decently enough. This time I wasn’t miserable from unexplained sudden blistering on my feet, so I was able to enjoy everything […]

About Macau


I guess a full-length bloviation on Macau won’t be coming any time soon. Brief notes, instead, follow: I suffered four passport stamps for the journey, including a re-stamping of the half-page Hong Kong student residency stamp. I hope that doesn’t happen every time I come back in but I think it does. Ouch. It was […]

Macau pictures posted


I’ve still not been bitten by the blogging bug, probably because the mosquitos, spiders, and other local fauna have crowded it out of the picture. However, to see what wasn’t crowded out of the picture, head for my photo page and take a look at the small slice of Peninsular Macau I visited. 1772

Time to travel


Not much has been going on recently so I’ll shake it up: I think I’m going to daytrip to Macau tomorrow, as early as I can manage. The weather should be good. I don’t know if I’ll be able to blog or post photos between my return late Thursday and my escape to Manila on […]