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I never take the tour. I never take the tour. WHY DID I TAKE THE TOUR?

With that out of the way, the tour was not as bad as it could have been—just two enforced 30-minute shopping breaks. Unfortunately, those were (by 5 minutes) longer than our longest sight-seeing breaks. Sigh.

It was pretty cool to see the warriors—they’re impressive, and there’re a lot of them. Not much I can really write about those, I guess. I did see two fellow tourists wearing their money belts on the outside of their waists, so it’s a good thing they were on the tour… Lunch could have been worse: they only extracted 30 RMB each from a captive audience. That’s at least 15-20 profit, but I expected worse after our shopping breaks.

Thought I had more to say about that. Oops. Well, I might get around a bit this evening, but I’ll definitely be around the city tomorrow after I check out—I won’t need to get to the airport until mid-evening.

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