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Taipei, 3 of 3

My blogging and pictures definitely went downhill from day 1.

The last day, I decided to see both Danshui and the hot springs. Unfortunately, both places were cloudy and it actually started drizzling. Got to see some bubbly water, but that’s about all of notice—I didn’t even go in the old Spanish/Dutch/British fort at Danshui because I wouldn’t have been able to see anything.

The flight back was not bad but definitely not good. I am now the proud owner of a resealable clear plastic bag less than 1 liter in volume (the better to beat out EU and now Taiwan and soon Hong Kong regulations with). Unfortunately I was not the owner of a working Eustachian tube during the flight. This manifested as ears which were slow to pop on the way up, and impossible to pop fully on the way down (which in turn manifested as my head feeling like it was going to explode). It didn’t, much, and I think I still have my eardrums intact, but barely. It wasn’t a very fun half hour or so (the descent is nearly half the flight time), and I’ve still got some pressure problems. Still, no delays, and with my bag carried on I just had to wait for the immigration officer to look through every stamp on his desk before finding the STUDENT monstrosity and I was on my way back to campus.

I’m up too late.

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