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Making it out of Manila alive and richer (or, I shall return)

Dinner was at Café Adriatico last night (visit #5 for Trevor and Kerensa, #2 for us), followed by a calamansi juice or two at Hobbit House, before a few stern words with a meter-shirking driver.

This morning Trevor and Kerensa went back, and Nic and I walked around a bit.  We saw the waterfront (such as it and its really disgusting little strip of beach were) before walking back to the same café for a pretty good omelet breakfast.  Then we walked all the way back up Mabini to our dump, checked out, had another fight over the merits of the taximeter, and THEN the fun began.

We checked in quickly enough (after jumping through a few security hoops) to learn that our flight was grievously overbooked.  The offer for volunteers was P3000 cash (~US$60) and a free roundtrip ticket MNL-HKG or vice-versa.  We took it.  I guess I’ll be going back?  Boracay sounds nice.  We were offered all of the same again and a hotel room with transfers to abandon our new 6 p.m. flight, but we both had to be back before Tuesday.

The flight was roomy (exit row) and fairly normal, with a minor delay due to the offloading of the checked bags belonging to the 6 p.m. volunteers.  To my surprise, our bags made it on the same flight we did and showed up after just a little agonizing in HKG.  Scenic bus rides later, we were at Lingnan where I have a ton of work to do for tomorrow.  I have to choose a paper topic (or few) by 9:30 and give a presentation at 16:00, in addition to dealing with the paper and electronic pileup of the last couple weeks.  Good trip, though.

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