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More Melaka

We had a bit of a break (though it didn’t last all day) from the rain today. Laundry (yes, all two of my shirts after leaving the one in KL) got done in the morning while we explored the historical/colonial center and Chinatown in more detail. We got to see the Portuguese ruins (don’t skip Macau for them) and revisit the sublime hippy juice shack we found in Chinatown yesterday, and expand our sampling of the local restaurants.

Becky has posted a few pictures from KL and Singapore on her facebook, if you’re hip to that scene. If you aren’t, be patient until I can find a real connection, would you?

As usual I’m finding it hard to figure out what’s flooded and what isn’t, but at the moment it seems to me that the eastern side of the peninsula and Borneo are the currently-affected areas. Unfortunately, rain is forecast everywhere we want to go: currently one of Penang, Pangkor (both islands, the latter much smaller and uncolonial and a little closer and currently top in the running) or the Cameron Highlands (hmmm… treks, yay, in the rain, eh…)

Tomorrow morning, we’ll probably try to go somewhere. We could have picked worse for our decompression city, though… we have a clean double room for RM 40, with a nice porch and rooftop garden which we are taking good advantage of, and food isn’t bad.

Our flight back has crept up on us and comes in only five days.

I did a little tweaking to my Lingnan schedule for the upcoming term today. Sadly, I have to make sure at most one of my teachers is local, because I can never know if they’re going to pull the Chinese-reading junk in an English-medium class. Anyway, I have 15 hours now, no longer including Mandarin, so I have room to drop the class taught by a local if he follows what seems to be standard procedure.

If he teaches the English-medium class in English, unlike his colleagues, it should be fun… Modern Political Ideologies. If not, hey, I just need 12 hours.

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